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Interdisciplinary Studies Social Sciences
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IDS 369 - Living Voices of America: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Indigenous Women in the U.S.

Instructor: Kevin Feeney                                     Email:

This course will focus on Indigenous women in the United States from past to present day. There will be extensive coverage of Indigenous women’s daily roles and lives, including socialization, colonization, and social service issues. The course will also focus on methods of decolonization.

Course Objectives:

  1. Students will examine Indigenous women's roles in historical,  cultural, and regional contexts in the U.S.      

Students will investigate the ways that traditional knowledges and cultures have shaped Indigenous women's identities and will consider the alliances that Indigenous women have built across national geographies.

Students will explore gender issues within Indigenous communities, focusing on the effects of legislation on Indigenous women's roles and the impact of colonization on gender practices.

Students will examine colonization through the prisms of Indigenous women’s life experience, exploring colonization issues and methods of decolonization.

Students will explore the role of social service organizations in the lives of Indigenous women in the United States.

Prerequisites: ANTH 130 or PSY 101 or SOC 107 or SOC 301 or WGS 201 or permission of instructor.

Credits: (5)

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