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Interdisciplinary Studies Social Sciences
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IDS 323 - Dangerous Women: Mad, Bad or Misunderstood

Instructor: Kevin Feeney                                     Email:

Do true crime shows fascinate you? Do you ever wonder why as a society we are so transfixed when a mother murders her children, or a female teacher has a romantic relationship with her student? Do you want to know more about society and societal reactions to violence and danger? Do you like to have open discussions and lively debates about these things?


Catalog Description:
Violent crimes are generally associated with men; however, more and more women are becoming dangerous criminals. This class examines different theories behind violent women. Material will include cases of real-life female criminals, as well as fictional representations in movies and television.

Credits: (5)                                        Prerequisites: PSY 101 or SOC 107.

Disciplinary Scope:   Criminology – Psychology – Sociology – Women’s Studies

Look for it:    Fall – Winter – Summer   

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