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Institutional Effectiveness
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Institutional Effectiveness


Center Washington University's Institutional Effectiveness Department (IE) provides information for state, federal, internal, and external reports of CWU higher education data.

The mandatory state and federal reports include the Common Data Set, Federal Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Survey as well as Public Centralized Education Enrollment System (PCHEES) and Public Educator Standards Board (PESB) reports, which are required for every university to complete. Another integral task IE undertakes is accreditation data provision for university and programmatic functioning, for individual programs and the entire university.


Institutional Effectiveness also plays an integral role in university-based research for grants and programs at Central Washington University. These university programs include TRIO, STEP, CAMP, Ready to Rise, and many others.

IE also provides Qualtrics Survey Software administration for CWU students, faculty and staff. Qualtrics allows you to build, send and analyze surveys in a secure environment.

Data Requests

External requests cannot be fulfilled through Institutional Effectiveness. Please see Business Service's Public Records Requests page for more information.

Institutional Effectiveness (IE) at Central Washington University provides CWU faculty and staff with reports using university data that is obtained and managed by IE's close partner, Business Intelligence. It is university policy to request data or incident reports from Institutional Effectiveness via the Team Dynamix ticketing system, so all departmental requests are in a centralized location.

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Institutional Effectiveness Mission and Vision


The mission of Institutional Effectiveness is to provide official current and historical data for the university community. Through governing, defining, and managing data, Institutional Effectiveness applies predictive and comparative analytics in reporting key performance indicators to internal and external constituents in support of the university's core activities of teaching, research, and service.


Institutional Effectiveness will become the "go-to" place for fast, accurate, and reliable university information. Student success will be the central focus of everything we measure.

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