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Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning
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To fulfill our mission, Central Washington University begins with strategic planning and then engages in assessment and improvement across all units. CWU examines and seeks to enhance our student's academic experience through a process of continuous quality improvement. Institutional and specialized accreditation afford CWU opportunities to share the impact of the work we do on our students' learning and personal and professional development.


Central Washington University (CWU) is a dynamic, creative, and inclusive environment that promotes engaged learning and scholarship. It is distinguished regionally for the rigor of its curriculum and scholarship, for the excellence of its pedagogy, for the vibrancy of its co-curricular and residential experiences, for its commitment to providing access to higher education, and for its efforts to advance the social and economic health of the region. It is typified by an entrepreneurial spirit that establishes it as a national leader in higher education. It has a strong commitment to engaged learning and scholarship, internationalism, sustainability, inclusiveness, and life-long learning.

Strategic Plan

During the 2021-2022 academic year, the Central Washington University community will work collaboratively and inclusively to develop a new Strategic Plan. A Steering Committee comprised of members from all employee groups and the student body will guide our work to create a strategic plan that is communally owned.