Sarah Scott
Administrative Operations Coordinator

What if something happens that does not align with your values of Diversity, Equity, or Inclusion?

CWU defines a bias related incident as any behavior, conduct, speech, images, or expressions that demonstrate conscious or unconscious bias that discriminates, stereotypes, excludes, harasses, or harms anyone in our community based on their actual or perceived identity/identities. Concerns may stem from misunderstanding, hatred, or stereotypes.

The Bias Response Team responds to concerns regarding bias and inclusivity related concerns with an understanding that each situation is different.

Submit a written report:

  • Submitting a report allows the university to offer support and connection to those involved in the situation.
  • Depending on the incident, and official process could take place to better understand or investigate certain behaviors. Sometimes your report helps the university identify a pattern of behavior with an individual or respond to overall campus climate.
  • Routinely, the Bias Response Team reviews all reports, with all identifying information redacted, in order to make recommendations, inform policy, and/or address recurring patterns of behavior.

What does reporting mean for me?

  • You can report anonymously.
  • If the identity of the reporter is shared, a Bias Response Team member will contact you to discuss support and course-of-action options. All reporters can opt out if they do not wish to do anything more than submitting the report itself.
  • You can submit a report on behalf of someone else, or if you witness/overhear something on campus.
  • There is no limit on how many reports you can submit.
  • Reporters' identities and information is private. It will not be shared outside of the staff responding to your concern. Certain information must be shared by law per Clery and Title IX.

Report a Bias Related Incident

Bias Response Team Infographic Flyer

Bias Response Team Infographic Flyer (pdf)