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Parent(s), Diversity, and Academic Excellence

As the parent of a young person embarking on this step into a bright future, feelings clash. On one hand, you are incredibly proud of your student. Words can't come close to capturing the enormity of pride and joy you feel.

And on the other hand, you may feel anxious about this transition. You have raised your student to be a responsible and capable young adult. And yet he/she/they hasn't faced this much time away from the support and resources that only you can provide.

This space is for you. It provides a bridge of information where excitement and anxiety can meet and where resolution can be found As you peruse the links provided, we hope you will find yourself beginning to relax into the knowledge that your student is in a place that values diversity, and that consistently works toward an inclusive environment so your student can not only survive college, but can thrive as they meet the challenges of academic excellence.

We encourage you to share your story. If you want to let others know about your struggles, your successes, what's on your mind, or suggestions for improving the diversity and inclusiveness here at CWU, please share.Posts are anonymous. Just follow this link.


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