These concepts guide institutional behavior: To be more diverse, CWU will celebrate, honor and understand differences.  To be more inclusive, CWU must be welcoming and promote belonging. To provide equity of opportunity, CWU must ensure true access.

Our commitment to sustaining and growing a diverse and inclusive community is reflected in our goals and actions:

  • University-wide Goals and Commitment

    Student Enrollment and Retention

    • In alignment with CWU’s commitment to increase access to higher education for all demographic groups, one of the goals of our Strategic Enrollment Management plan is to increase the enrolled percentage of traditionally under-represented student groups (TUSG) from 32.6% in fall 2018 to 36.0% by 2024. TUSGs are students who are Hispanic/LatinX, Black/African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Pacific Islander, Asian, or multi-racial. This goal addresses our mission to become a more diverse, inclusive institution and to provide expanded opportunities to all of our students.

    • While recruiting new students is important, CWU is also committed to helping students persist as they progress through their second, third and fourth-years to then become graduates of CWU. In Fall 2019, President Gaudino established a university-wide goal to increase the freshman-to-sophomore retention rates from 71% to 80% in five years.

    Faculty & Staff

    • At Central, we want our faculty, students, prospective students, and staff to feel welcome and that they belong here. Achieving this will require us make our university as accepting and inviting as we can in order to expand our pool of qualified candidates for open positions. It is a university-wide goal to increase the diversity of our faculty and staff by 5 percent in five years, from 16% to 21%.
      • An initiative to support Investment in Active Recruiting is lead by the Vice President of Inclusivity & Diversity. This initiative provides one-time funding for proactive recruitment efforts of open Faculty or Staff positions, including attending conferences, professional group meetings, etc. Interested Hiring Managers and Search Committee can submit a request to Kandee Cleary, VP of Inclusivity & Diversity (; 509-963-2111)
  • Employees of Color Equity Council (ECEC)
    • Initiated by the Vice President of Inclusivity and Diversity, the Employees of Color Equity Council (ECEC) was formed to widen the network of knowledge about the experiences of CWU employees on campus. The ECEC is further interested in fostering a positive campus climate for employees of color to retain their employment and support their development and career advancement.  “Employees of color” refers to the racialized experiences of employees who identify as non-white. This clarification intends to affirm that employees who may not identify with the language “people of color” still experience marginalization based on their race or ethnicity. Examples include individuals who may identify as multiracial, indigenous, Southwest Asian, North African, and all other descriptors that do not follow an experience of whiteness. The ECEC works to improve the experiences of employees of color on campus and the connection of employees of color to the Ellensburg community.
    • For the coming academic year, 2019-2020, the ECEC will focus on identifying and closing the gaps in inclusion, such as supporting employees for successful career trajectories, addressing the observed inconsistencies and disparities related to CWU policies and procedures, and offer strategies and assistance to the VPID to implement solutions.  Members of the ECEC will work together to liaison with community board and council meetings, and develop partnerships with relevant community groups. There are several initiatives underway:
      • Search committee representation: Kandee Cleary, VP for Inclusivity and Diversity will work with Human Resources and search committees to involve more employees of color, numerically on committees and proportionally across campus. The goal is to have at least two employees of color on each search committee.  Further, Dr. Cleary will facilitate ways employees of color can be part of on campus interview process for prospective employees of color.
      • Welcoming committee: This committee will support the onboarding of new employees of color. The purpose is to facilitate the new employee’s transition into the Central Washington University community by providing information and opportunities for a new employee to find his/her/their social-professional home.  
      • Community connection committee: This committee will link employees of color to becoming active and engaged citizens in the Ellensburg community.  The purpose is to establish openings and connections for employees of color to participate in creating a community that is inclusive of their needs and interests.
      • Mentoring program committee: This committee will develop and initiate a sustainable mentoring program for employees of color. The purpose of the mentoring program is to support employees of color career development and advancement for greater retention, engagement and satisfaction at Central Washington University. Possible areas of focus are: early career, English language learners, ++.
      • Committee to explore former employee experiences: This committee will plan and gather information about the experiences of former employees of color and their motivations for leaving.  The purpose is to gain an understanding of the shared experiences for intentional programming and policies to positively impact the experiences of current and new employees of color.
  • Dean’s “Grow Your Own” Initiative

    The initiative seeks to increase the diversity of faculty and staff through the recognition of adjunct faculty and employees who are one step away from their terminal degrees and provides support for them while they complete the terminal degree.

  • Workforce Diversity Plan

    The workforce diversity plan is an initiative to create and support a diverse workforce that is reflective of the communities we purport to serve.  This is a commitment by the university to create a fair, inclusive workforce that promotes belonging.  Workforce diversity is about respecting and valuing differences with a focus on traditionally underserved communities.  Creating a diverse workforce is a priority of the university and the goal is to become the employer of choice for those with different backgrounds.  A diverse workforce is a source of strength for the university and promotes student success.

    Workforce Diversity Plan

  • Other Initiatives:

    There are multiple on-going initiatives across campus that promote diversity among students, faculty and staff:

    • Enrollment Management has several initiatives that have shown success in recruiting students from traditionally underserved groups.
    • Academic Colleges have initiatives that are moving forward. For example, The College of Business is part of the PhD Project which provides space for job announcements to minority candidates from AACSB accredited universities.
    • The Library has initiated a cultural conversation series to discuss issues of white privilege, equity, and cultural similarities and differences.
    • Business and Finance is developing an initiative to grow the use of Women and Minorities owned businesses for contracting opportunities.
    • Student Success has developed initiatives to develop and support students from underrepresented groups in the development of leadership skills through the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement (ECLC).