I envision Central Washington University as a diverse, student-centered school where we pride ourselves on building the lives of our students. Our goal is to ensure that students get the best education possible while having a truly remarkable college experience.

We must be collectively and individually committed to creating a university that treasures differences and provides opportunities for all to learn.

President James Gaudino's Signature
James L. Gaudino


You matter. You are not alone. You are welcome here. You belong here.

Central Washington University is committed to providing all faculty, staff, and students a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment built on principles of respect, support and encouragement as a way to achieve individual and collaborative excellence.

We believe that embracing our qualities- including but not limited to, religion or faith, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ability or disability, economic status, race or ethnicity, culture, place of origin, home language, immigration status- will enrich and enhance our experience here at CWU and in life.

We want every student and employee to feel welcome and to understand they belong here. To do this CWU continues to create and sustain a diverse and inclusive community.

These pages share information for current and prospective Students and Employees at CWU. For information on our Student Diversity and Equity center, visit the Student Diversity and Equity Center's website.