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Internet Resources

Race the Power of an Illusion - Web site that accompanies documentary about the social construction of race, includes activities.

People Like Us - Web site that accompanies video, includes several activities about social class.

Class Matters - New York Times web site that accompanies book. This site contains information about social class in the United States.

Racism No Way - Australian web site that includes library, activities, and successful programs.

Teaching Tolerance - Web site that includes activities, references and news for K-12 and college courses.

Understanding Prejudice - Web site that includes psychological bias tests, which may be of interest to students.

Sexism in the Classroom - United Kingdom web site that addresses discrimination and equality.

Inclusivity in the Classroom - Queensland Department of Education web site addressing issues of inclusivity.

Diversity in the College Classroom - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Center for Teaching and Learning, 1998 - This handbook covers a variety of topics including academic culture, teaching and learning styles and specific chapters on a variety of diverse groups (e.g., Native Americans, Hispanics, African Americans, students with learning disabilities, lesbian/gay/bisexual students, non-traditional students and international students). There is also a chapter on gender in the classroom.

Teaching a Diverse Student Body, Practical Strategies for Enhancing Our Students' Learning - University of Virginia, Teaching Resource Center, 1994 - This faculty handbook was developed for faculty and teaching assistants at the University of Virginia. The chapters on international students and students with disabilities may be of special interest.

Creating Inclusive College Classrooms - University of Michigan, Center for Research on Teaching and Learning, n.d. - The authors discuss five aspects of teaching that contribute to an inclusive classroom.

Perceptions of Faculty Behavior by Students of Color - University of Michigan, Center for Research on Teaching and Learning, 1997 - Students of color report feelings of exclusion and distance during focus groups conducted at the University of Michigan. This article explores what faculty can learn from these students' perceptions.

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