Implementing the Equity Scorecard

Central Washington University is implementing an Equity Scorecard process to identify and address the structural challenges and barriers that contribute to Black, Indigenous and students of color (BIPOC) fight to thrive on our campus and how we can change this.

The Equity Scorecard, founded in 1999, is the work of Estela Mara Bensimon, PhD, at the Center for Urban Education at the University of Southern California. The multi-year, four-phase process focuses on students’ experiences and outcomes, and helps to identify the obstacles that are in the way of equitable success for our students and the resources necessary to support their success.

The Equity Scorecard is a participatory process and in order to be successful requires the engagement and commitment of the CWU community.

For more information on the Equity Scorecard, visit the Center for Urban Education’s website.

Steering Committee

Executive Sponsor

kandee cleary headshot
Kandee Cleary


sigrid davison headshot
Sigrid Davison


john vasquez headshot
John Vasquez
AD Student Success

Steering Committee Membership

lucinda carnell headshot
Lucinda Carnell
Faculty Fellow / COTS
michel obrien headshot
Michel O'Brien
Faculty Fellow / WGGS / Interdisciplinary Programs
shawn reichart headshot
Shawn Riechart
IE / Data Support
meaghan nolte headshot
Meaghan Nolte
Psychology / COTS Graduate Studies
manuel rodriguez headshot
Manuel Rodriguez
Enrollment Management
Veronica Gomez headshot
Veronica Gomez
Diversity Recruitment
liane Pereira headshot
Liane Pereira
Psychology / COTS
Tanjian liang headshot
Tanjian Liang
Faculty Fellow / CEPS
Teresa Devine headshot
Teresa Devine
Provost Fellow / COTS
Mariah Minjarez headshot
Mariah Minjarez
ASCWU Equity
sarah scott headshot
Sarah Scott
DEI / President's Office Admin
Christina garcia headshot
Christina Torres Garcia
CAH / Director of El Centro
anderson parks headshot
Anderson Parks
Faculty Fellow / COB
andria Keirn headshot
Andria Keirn
Diversity Recruitment

Committee Charge

The Steering Committee will facilitate the process of implementing the Equity Scorecard for Central Washington University, with regular input and feedback from the university community and from the Executive Leadership Team (ELT). The work will begin with deepening our understanding about the concepts and activities for Racial Equity Work and provide thoughtful intentional program elements to existing equity teams.

Equity Teams

  • College Diversity Committees
  • Student Success Diversity Committee
  • Library Diversity Committee
  • Operations/Financial/Presidential Diversity Committees (as needed)

Functional Roles of Equity Team members

  • Team Leader: discussion facilitator, logistics, advocate
  • Institutional Researchers that can collect and share existing data, provide data to team members during the inquiry process, and provide user-friendly data
  • Should include those who have insider knowledge and can disseminate findings
  • Who are able to work across the institution and share information
  • Keep the team focused on who is impacted

Approximate Timeline


Equity Scorecard Approximate Timeline
Approximate Dates Deliver
September 1 - October 15 Provide an overview to Provost Council, Faculty Senate, and meet with Equity Teams
October 15 - November 15 Provide Equity Teams with Equity Tools
October 4 - 15 Administer campus survey
October 15 - March 1 Collect data
March 1 - April 30 University feedback process and revisions
May 1 - June 15 Presentation to Campus Community

Communication Plan

Communication is essential to this process. The Equity Scorecard is an adaptive process that requires gathering input, relaying information, sharing data, and reporting findings. To ensure everyone has a voice, various communication channels will be used, including:

  • Website
  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • Emails