CWUNewsNews Corner "Time & Labor Update", 03 Apr 2014 09:08:29<p>We are excited to provide you with information&nbsp;regarding the Time &amp; Labor Project.&nbsp; Please click on <a href="/icat/sites/">this link</a> to see the article.&nbsp;&nbsp;If you have any questions, please contact project manager Sue Noce (</p>iCAT Corner 11/18/13, 18 Nov 2013 10:38:49<p>The go-live date for MyCWU is fast approaching—January 27, 2014—less than 70 days away. The project team, change management coalition, focus group members, and a variety of other stakeholders are excited about what the future holds. You can have a look at some PowerPoint presentations on the MyCWU project and change management that have been delivered to several work groups this fall by following the links at</p><p>MyCWU is an integrated hub that provides CWU members with easy access to conduct business as a student, faculty, employee, or supervisor/manager. At recent presentations, audience members have been very encouraging. One attendee stated “MyCWU . . . life simplified, this is going to be great.”</p><p>To access MyCWU, simply find the MyCWU logo that will replace the current Wildcat Connection logo that is on the CWU homepage. You will find yourself on the landing page of MyCWU that will be full of relevant communications and a calendar of events for CWU. Once you log-in from this page,“the world is your oyster.” Parts of the Intranet and Wildcat Connection will be available in MyCWU. Current systems, including Safari, Campus Solutions, Student Administration, Human Resources, Financial Management, and PeopleSoft will be located in MyCWU. No longer will you have to log out of one system to log into another and then log back in again. This feature alone is bringing great joy to folks who have to run several reports daily.<br>Here’s another great benefit. When you are off campus, with MyCWU you will now be able to access most systems you need, simply by logging on to MyCWU. (Currently you have to jump through a couple of hoops to access systems such as online travel and procurement if you are off campus.)</p><p>We will be offering several demonstrations and focus groups in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for details. If you come to one of these sessions and find that you want to recommend additional functionality there is a fairly simple process for requesting a solution from the governance committee. Sue Noce, project manager will be able to assist with those details.</p><p>For more information go to the website or e-mail</p></br>iCat Corner 11/04/13, 04 Nov 2013 14:48:06<p>MyCWU is an exciting new initiative that will allow the CWU community the ability to access all the information they need to conduct “business” at Central whether as a student, faculty or staff. At a recent meeting about the project a faculty member said “If you’ve ever shopped online or done online banking you will know how to navigate MyCWU.”</p><p>Once you sign into your computer you will be able to use MyCWU as an entranceway or virtual front door to accessing databases, information and tools you need to manage your life at CWU. It will replace Wildcat Connection and has the effect of unifying all your “business” needs. Some customization will be available and the early word from folks who have seen demonstrations is very positive.</p><p>“I love the idea of MyCWU—you can personalize it, it has easy access and after logging in to the computer, everything is just one click away.”</p><p>Some new features offered by MyCWU are very helpful. For example, let’s say you are traveling and need to change something on your travel authorization or expense report. Currently to make these changes you would have to jump through a few hoops hoops, or be on campus. With MyCWU you can make these changes from anywhere, on campus or off! Stay tuned for some more insights on the added benefits of MyCWU.</p><p>Contact Gail Farmer at to learn more about demonstration labs that will be set up later this quarter and in early January. The countdown is on!</p>iCAT Corner, 09 Sep 2013 14:08:56<p>The iCAT team has had a very busy summer! On-line Purchase Requisitions went live on July 9. This project provides a process that streamlines purchasing and eliminates the need to route and track paper requisitions. Twenty-two training sessions have been provided over the course of the summer! Visit the course calendar for scheduled training sessions available in September and October.&nbsp; The cApps project –a process that provides on line capabilities for employees and managers to initiate and approve a variety of Human Resource related activities went live on July 16. Thirty-three training sessions have been provided so far and seven more are planned in the next few weeks. Online Travel of course went live in April and forty-two training sessions have been completed.&nbsp; There is an upcoming Online Travel training session available in the course calendar on September 19 and also October 10.</p><p>View the Course Calendar for upcoming sessions ( located on the HR website under Professional Development.<br>To register for courses, please login to Wildcat Connection &gt;&gt; Employee Link &gt;&gt; Self-Service&gt;&gt;Self-Service&gt;&gt; Learning and Development&gt;&gt;Request Training Enrollment. Or login to Wildcat Connection&gt;&gt; Staff Safari&gt;&gt; Self-Service&gt;&gt; Learning and Development&gt;&gt;Request Training Enrollment.<br>To view a video tutorial on how to enroll and/or to download a guide, go to Or go to the HR website,, click on Professional Development, then click on Training Enrollment Instructions.</p><p>Keep an eye out for some developments and announcements early fall quarter. Faculty180 and MyCWU Portal will be rolling out in the next several months. Faculty180 allows for professional records to be easily updated and has faculty members of the project team excited about the streamlining of faculty workload and activity reporting. MyCWU provides the university community a framework where all elements of the university (business, administrative and community) and all business applications can be integrated. It provides a one stop place where all members of the university can perform all business transactions! Go live date for MyCWU is January 2014.<br>iCAT- improving CWU Applications &amp; Technology<br>Contact for questions and comments.</p></br></br></br></br>iCat Corner, 26 Jul 2013 15:23:05<div><em>"Nearly everything CWU does should revolve around and support the faculty-student experience to maximize learning and our collective ability to productively contribute to the world. Faculty teaching and scholarship inform one another and help make the CWU student experience distinct. Current faculty workload and activities reporting processes are inefficient and unnecessarily restrict faculty and student performance. Tools that reduce workflow inefficiency are needed to allow faculty to improve teaching performance and further pursue scholarly and creative endeavors that benefit everyone at CWU."</em></div><p><br>Ian J. Quitadamo, Ph.D.<br>Professor of Biology and Science Education<br>Central Washington University</p><p><br>The upcoming changes in Faculty Workload Plans and Activity Reports are “stunning” according to folks who have been involved in this iCAT Project. As a refresher, the Faculty Workload is a document that summarizes the proposed workload for the following year. It includes teaching load, scholarship/research proposals and service opportunities. The Workload Plan is typically submitted by faculty members in February and finalized by the Provost by June 15th. In October, the Activity Report is submitted and it is a summary of what was accomplished the previous year. The Activity Report becomes a part of the professional record upon which faculty are evaluated for tenure, reappointment, promotion and post tenure review. Typically the professional record is collected and put into two or three binders; a very labor intensive process. Each set of records have to be copied so that it can move through the five levels of review; Department Personnel Committee, Chair, College Personnel Committee, Dean and the Provost.</p><p><br>The beauty of the new Faculty 180 is that there will be one electronic record that can be viewed simultaneously from anywhere! Our forests are thanking us! Benefits to faculty members include:</p><p><br>• The professional record can be easily updated.<br>• Faculty 180 automatically creates a Curriculum Vitae<br>• Can upload scholarship, research and service activities that will be contained in the electronic record.<br>• No longer have to gather, print, collate the materials – a great time saver and stress reducer</p><p><br>There are also substantial benefits to departments. Data analysis can assist with program review and accreditation. It will also be a great assistance with grant submissions. Charlene Andrews, former administrative assistant in the College of Arts and Humanities, who has been working closely with this project&nbsp; thinks that in addition to being “really slick,”faculty 180 has the potential to reduce the time required to put professional records together by 50 percent.</p></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>iCAT cApps Project live July 16th!, 16 Jul 2013 16:54:01<P>The iCAT cApps Project went live July 16th!</P> <P>Employees now have additional self-service functions. Managers/supervisors now have many new functions available through Manager Self-Service.&nbsp; Paper ePAFs have been replaced with online functions and workflow approvals.&nbsp;&nbsp; Watch for additional group hire functionality to be available later this week.</P> <P>If you are a manager/supervisor, administrative assistant, fiscal tech or department secretary. please sign up for a training session by going to&nbsp; <A href=""></A> and following the instructions on registering.</P> <P>If you have any questions, please call 963-2277 (cAPP) for assistance.</P>iCAT Online Purchase Requisiton System Module Live July 9th, 10 Jul 2013 07:03:31<P>&nbsp;</P> <P>The iCAT Online Purchase Requisition module went&nbsp;on July 9th&nbsp;in the Financial Management system.&nbsp; Our project team has taken the current paper-based requisition process to a simplified electronic process.&nbsp; The new process will streamline purchasing items for departments.&nbsp; The electronic workflow will eliminate the need to route and track paper requisitions.&nbsp; The new eProcurement Purchase Requisition system module will streamline the review, approval, and the creation of requisitions.&nbsp;</P> <P>Our next step is early adopter training starting July 16th.&nbsp; We have contacted all our focus group participants and also other individuals they recommended for training.&nbsp;You can view the <A href="">Training Course Calendar</A> for a list of dates and times.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;To register for courses, please login to Wildcat Connection &gt;&gt; Employee Link &gt;&gt; Self-Service &gt;&gt; Self-Service &gt;&gt; Learning and Development &gt;&gt; Request Training Enrollment.&nbsp; Or login to Wildcat Connection &gt;&gt; Staff Safari &gt;&gt; Self-Service &gt;&gt; Learning and Development &gt;&gt; Request Training Enrollment. You can search by date or by the course number PUR001.&nbsp; Maximum seats available are 6 per session.&nbsp; You can get on the waiting list when you register.</P> <P>If you have any questions about training, please contact Tina Short (;&nbsp;&nbsp;</P> <P>For more information about our project, please visit the <A href="">iCAT project website</A>.</P> <P>&nbsp;</P>iCAT Corner, July 1, 01 Jul 2013 12:24:40<p>Two iCAT projects are nearing completion in the coming weeks.&nbsp; We are very excited to go live with Central Apps (cApps) and Online Purchase Requisitions. The go-live date for Online Purchase Requisitions is July 9 and cApps will go live July 16. Training for cApps will be done throughout this month while training for Online Purchase Requisitions will continue into early fall. Both of these projects are designed to provide streamlined business processes. More detailed information about training will be forthcoming.</p><p>Other summer activities that some of the iCAT teams will be focusing on is preparing the new Faculty Workload system for the returning faculty in the fall and the MyCWU Portal project.</p><p>This is the development of our enterprise application portal. We have been meeting with various focus groups in the last month, and will continue to meet with others to review and provide feedback on the content for the portal.</p><p>If you would like to participate in one of these focus groups, contact me, Gail Farmer at <a href=""></a>.</p><p>In addition to the completion of our current projects, the iCat Team has three new projects that they have been laying the groundwork for over the past several months and will begin working on in earnest this month.</p><p>The first project is called the split. I know that it sounds like a sad ending to a romantic saga but really; it is an exciting new story!</p><p>The split refers to splitting one large PeopleSoft database system—Campus Solutions and Human Resources—into two different systems. Campus Solutions, also known as Safari is the student information processing side of the house and will be one system. HR is the Human Resources side of the house dealing with benefits, payroll, training, recruitment, and so forth. It will now stand on its own. This uncoupling provides the administration with more opportunities for ongoing development and enhancements for each system.</p><p>The second and third projects deal with upgrades to the HR and Finance Systems. There will be major changes in the look and feel of these databases as Oracle focused on enhancing user productivity with the release of 9.2. One example of this is the adoption of Configurable Work Centers and Dashboards.</p><p>These three projects start up in early July and a go-live date in January 2014. Stay tuned as we bring you more developments on these three critical projects in the coming months.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p></a href="">Campus Community Offers Feedback/Praise for iCAT Project, 13 Jun 2013 10:32:47<p>The iCAT project teams have been partnering with a variety of CWU staff to get meaningful input and feedback for three different projects. Here are some of the comments focus group participants have made.</p><p>On line Purchase Requisitions —A total of 43 participants were invited to participate in several focus groups and demonstrations. Thirty-one staff (administrative assistants, secretaries, fiscal techs, and other stakeholders) attended six different sessions and 26 participants completed surveys. Here is a sampling of their comments:<br>• “It’s good to see where the requisition and PO is in the process instead of having to phone to follow-up or to look it up on the purchase requisition log.”<br>• “I welcome automating the process. Now it’s online!”<br>• “It will save me time in my areas from printing and tracking down signatures.”<br>• “It seems easier and faster than the current paper trail.”</p><p>Focus group members will be invited back this month to assist with testing. Early-adopter training will begin after July 9.&nbsp;</p><p>cApps — More than 60 staff participated in several focus groups facilitated by the project team. Staff members were very engaged and provided helpful feedback that centered on increased efficiency and reporting.<br>• “I anticipate it will help my daily work by streamlining and simplifying processes.<br>“Thank you for the opportunity to understand the changes!”<br>• “It could speed things up.”<br>• “Thank you for including me in this process. I appreciate the opportunity to take part and give my insight.”</p><p>cApps testing will be conducted June 25-27 and training will be done in July.&nbsp;</p><p>MYCWU Portal — Although the portal focus groups are still ongoing, feedback to date has been exactly what the project manager was seeking.<br>• “There is potential for MYCWU to integrate GroupWise, Blackboard, Safari, the intranet etc. together in a way that’s cleaner and more user-friendly than Wildcat Connection.”<br>• “The Manager’s Toolkit will be particularly useful to me.”<br>• “The employee benefits, communications tab, ability to customize and advising information will be useful to me.”<br>• “Easier access to my personal information, clearer news and announcements compared to current Central Today.”<br>• “Controlling what I want on My Page and Training- supervisors and employees will see what they have taken to date and what they still need to take!!!”<br>• “Looking forward to playing in a test environment and then give more feedback.”</p><p>The bottom line is participants were excited about the potential to customize their personal portals to give them quick access to frequently accessed items such as phone numbers, forms, and web pages.</p><p>• “The MYCWU portal has the potential to be the one tool in the tool box that employees use regularly and it will be a hit. We can personalize our own widgets; it’s one stop shopping!” Ed Castaneda, manager, EMCS Technical Services<br>• “I love the idea of the portal. I love that it is customizable. Easy access. One-log in and I have access to everything and it is just one click away.” Sandy Colson, executive assistant to the President</p><p>Here is a quick synopsis of the most frequently asked questions (and answers):<br>Q:&nbsp; Will the MYCWU portal replace the CWU web page?<br>A: The portal will not replace the CWU home page or departmental pages. We currently have a website within a website that we call the intranet. The intranet and Wildcat Connection is what the portal will replace.</p><p>Q: So everything that is currently on the intranet or accessed by Wildcat Connection will now be located in the MYCWU portal?<br>A: Not exactly. Not everything will find a home at MYCWU but will be available elsewhere.&nbsp; example, video streaming which is currently accessed through the intranet will in all likelihood find a home on the Public Affairs website. SAFARI (campus solution and the HR system) is not “going away” but will be accessed through the portal.</p><p>Q: What other systems will be integrated into MYCWU?<br>A: The portal will be a “convergence of information” from multiple data sources including SAFARI, FMS, Blackboard and GroupWise.</p><p>Q: What will happen to Central Today?<br>A: In all likelihood it will be incorporated into the Communications tab of the portal.</p><p>The prototype will be available for hands on testing in late July or early August. Focus group members will be invited back to have a more in-depth look at the portal. If you are interested in taking the portal for a test drive, contact Gail Farmer at <em><a href=""></a>.</em></p></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></a href="">iCAT Corner: Two Projects Picking Up Steam!, 08 May 2013 08:39:39<P>The Online Purchase Requisition project started in early April and project managers<BR>report good progress. They completed Phase 1, the plan and discover phase, and have moved on to Phase 2 of the project, which is analyze and design.<BR>Once any identified issues are resolved, the team will develop a prototype system. A focus<BR>group will be formed to gather feedback from employees who currently deal with the requisition process. For more information on the Online Purchase Requisition project, contact Tina Short, at</P> <P>The cApps project also started in early April. The purpose is to use available online<BR>functionality for human resource processes. It uses workflow and online approval processing, which will allow for quicker turnaround and less paperwork for employees and managers. Focus groups will be invited to view a prototype of the new processes. Stay tuned for more news about cApps as the weeks unfold. For more information about the project, contact Sue Noce, at</P> <P><BR>The iCAT team welcomes your questions, input, and feedback at <A href=""></A>.</P></BR></BR></BR></BR></BR>