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iCAT Reviewed by CedarCrestone Quality Management Team

In February, various iCAT project teams will host CedarCrestone (CCI) Quality Management  for the first of several program quality reviews planned between now and December 2014. The CCI Quality Management team will create reports that will identify program strengths and provide ratings for overall project status, schedule, and quality/performance. These reports will also identify challenges that, left unaddressed, could negatively impact the iCAT program going forward.

The quality review will consist of a series of targeted interviews with selected iCAT team members, a more broadly distributed survey, analysis of the interviews and survey results, and a thorough review of program documentation to date. (If you were not contacted or surveyed as part of this first quality review, do not be concerned -- not everyone will be targeted for every review.)

Summary reports will be provided to executive management and project sponsors in March.

The next CCI quality review is slated for the May timeframe.

If you have any questions, please email

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