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iCAT Corner: Two Projects Picking Up Steam!

The Online Purchase Requisition project started in early April and project managers
report good progress. They completed Phase 1, the plan and discover phase, and have moved on to Phase 2 of the project, which is analyze and design.
Once any identified issues are resolved, the team will develop a prototype system. A focus
group will be formed to gather feedback from employees who currently deal with the requisition process. For more information on the Online Purchase Requisition project, contact Tina Short, at

The cApps project also started in early April. The purpose is to use available online
functionality for human resource processes. It uses workflow and online approval processing, which will allow for quicker turnaround and less paperwork for employees and managers. Focus groups will be invited to view a prototype of the new processes. Stay tuned for more news about cApps as the weeks unfold. For more information about the project, contact Sue Noce, at

The iCAT team welcomes your questions, input, and feedback at

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