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iCAT Corner, July 1

Two iCAT projects are nearing completion in the coming weeks.  We are very excited to go live with Central Apps (cApps) and Online Purchase Requisitions. The go-live date for Online Purchase Requisitions is July 9 and cApps will go live July 16. Training for cApps will be done throughout this month while training for Online Purchase Requisitions will continue into early fall. Both of these projects are designed to provide streamlined business processes. More detailed information about training will be forthcoming.

Other summer activities that some of the iCAT teams will be focusing on is preparing the new Faculty Workload system for the returning faculty in the fall and the MyCWU Portal project.

This is the development of our enterprise application portal. We have been meeting with various focus groups in the last month, and will continue to meet with others to review and provide feedback on the content for the portal.

If you would like to participate in one of these focus groups, contact me, Gail Farmer at

In addition to the completion of our current projects, the iCat Team has three new projects that they have been laying the groundwork for over the past several months and will begin working on in earnest this month.

The first project is called the split. I know that it sounds like a sad ending to a romantic saga but really; it is an exciting new story!

The split refers to splitting one large PeopleSoft database system—Campus Solutions and Human Resources—into two different systems. Campus Solutions, also known as Safari is the student information processing side of the house and will be one system. HR is the Human Resources side of the house dealing with benefits, payroll, training, recruitment, and so forth. It will now stand on its own. This uncoupling provides the administration with more opportunities for ongoing development and enhancements for each system.

The second and third projects deal with upgrades to the HR and Finance Systems. There will be major changes in the look and feel of these databases as Oracle focused on enhancing user productivity with the release of 9.2. One example of this is the adoption of Configurable Work Centers and Dashboards.

These three projects start up in early July and a go-live date in January 2014. Stay tuned as we bring you more developments on these three critical projects in the coming months.



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