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iCat Corner 11/04/13

MyCWU is an exciting new initiative that will allow the CWU community the ability to access all the information they need to conduct “business” at Central whether as a student, faculty or staff. At a recent meeting about the project a faculty member said “If you’ve ever shopped online or done online banking you will know how to navigate MyCWU.”

Once you sign into your computer you will be able to use MyCWU as an entranceway or virtual front door to accessing databases, information and tools you need to manage your life at CWU. It will replace Wildcat Connection and has the effect of unifying all your “business” needs. Some customization will be available and the early word from folks who have seen demonstrations is very positive.

“I love the idea of MyCWU—you can personalize it, it has easy access and after logging in to the computer, everything is just one click away.”

Some new features offered by MyCWU are very helpful. For example, let’s say you are traveling and need to change something on your travel authorization or expense report. Currently to make these changes you would have to jump through a few hoops hoops, or be on campus. With MyCWU you can make these changes from anywhere, on campus or off! Stay tuned for some more insights on the added benefits of MyCWU.

Contact Gail Farmer at to learn more about demonstration labs that will be set up later this quarter and in early January. The countdown is on!

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