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Section 9

REPORTING Concerns About the Care and Use of Animals


One function of an institutional review board (i.e., the IACUC) is to ensure investigators provide appropriate care for research and teaching animals. One method for ensuring this is to be open to individuals' questions and concerns.

The IACUC may be able to educate observers about the standards of care. They will also immediately review any allegations of suspected misuse of animals or deficiencies regarding the care and use of research or teaching animals, and determine whether action is warranted. Finally, the IACUC has the authority to suspend or terminate approval of research that is not being conducted in accordance with the IACUC's requirements or that has been associated with unexpected serious harm to animals.


An individual reporting a suspected deficiency need not identify him/herself to make a report. If an individual chooses to identify him/herself, the individual's identity will be kept in strictest confidence. Requests for anonymity will be honored to the fullest extent possible .

To make a report or discuss a concern or perceived problem, contact any of the following : 

  • The chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at (509) 963-2731, the Pigeon Laboratory Supervisor at (509) 963-3679, or the Co-Directors of the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute at (509) 963-2244, as appropriate.
  • The Chairperson of the CWU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee or any Committee Member. The names of current members can be found on the CWU IACUC website. Phone numbers for individual Committee members can subsequently be located in the CWU phone directory. A current list of IACUC members may also be obtained by calling the Office of Graduate Studies, Research and Continuing Education at (509) 963-3101.
  • Dr. Fred Newschwander, who serves as the Attending Veterinarian for CWU, may be contacted at (509) 925-2332. The reported deficiency or problem situation will be promptly reported to the Chairperson of the IACUC.
  • The Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies, Research & Continuing Education (also referred to as the Institutional Official or IO) may be contacted at (509) 963-3101. The reported deficiency or problem situation will subsequently be reported to the Chairperson of the IACUC and/or the Attending Veterinarian.

Concerns may be submitted in verbal or written form. When not submitted in written form, individuals who receive concerns will document them fully.

All concerns will be directed to the IACUC Chairperson who will investigate or delegate the investigation to a subcommittee. Concerns will be categorized as major -- conditions that reportedly jeopardize the immediate health or well-being of animals -- or minor -- allegations of ongoing policy or procedural deficiencies where animals are not in immediate danger. The course of action taken will be driven by the potential significance of the alleged situation and may range from immediate halting of procedures by the Attending Veterinarian to consideration at the next convened IACUC meeting. All concerns will also be reviewed by the IO in a timely manner. Funding and regulatory agencies will be notified as required.

No facility employee, Committee member, or laboratory personnel shall be discriminated against or be subject to any reprisal for reporting violations of any regulation or standards.

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