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Recent Changes to the HSRC Review Process

A new version of the HSRC application was released on 11/8/2019.  Minor changes were made to streamline the form.  More notable changes were made to comply with the revised federal regulations that went into effect in January 2019 for all federally-funded human subjects research.  The HSRC will be applying the following regulatory changes to all applicable human subjects research conducted at Central Washington University:

1. The exemption categories have changed as noted within the application and added a new exemption category #3 for benign behavioral interventions.

2. Continuing review of all non-exempt research will remain in effect and on an annual basis unless determined by the HSRC to be necessary more frequently.

3. Exempt research will be certified for three years after which the study will expire.  To continue a study beyond the three years, you must submit a new request for exemption.

4. For faculty, Course Exemptions (CE) are now included as a level of review (last question on the Basic Study Details page).  Course exemptions cover research projects completed by students as part of a research methods class and that fall under select exemption categories.  Faculty oversee all class projects and ensure students are complying with guidelines described in the CE.  Projects cannot be presented outside the classroom until the student completes a request for exemption with the HSRC indicating data were collected and covered under a CE. 

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