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Human Subjects Review Program

HSRC Current Members and Meetings

The Human Subjects Review Council recommends that principal investigators turn in research proposals at least six weeks prior to scheduled HSRC meetings.  Processing time may be longer depending on the HSRC workload at the time of submission.  It is strongly recommended that all applications (especially those under deadlines due to grant funding) be submitted as early as possible.

The following dates have been scheduled for the Academic Year 2014-2015: Oct. 8, Nov. 5, Dec. 10, Jan. 14, Feb. 4, Mar. 4, Apr. 8, May 6, and Jun. 10.  There are no meetings scheduled during the summer months (July, August and September).  Meetings are held in Barge Hall 304M at 3:10 P.M. and closed to the public.

2014-15 HSRC Members List

The Human Subjects Review Council (HSRC) is appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Life and composed of thirteen members representing the diversity and expertise specified in the Federal Regulations [45 CFR 46.107]. Designated alternate members may attend convened meetings and vote when the matched primary member is either absent or agrees to pass the voting privileges to the alternate member.

ChairLeo D'AcquistoNutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences (NEHS)
Human Protections AdministratorSandy MartinezAdministrator
Faculty/StaffMatthew AltmanPhilosophy
Gary BallouEducation
Kathleen BarlowAnthropology
Tim BurnhamNEHS
Joshua JonesDisability Services
Terry SchwartzPsychology
Denise ShawEducation
Wendy WilliamsPsychology
Student MemberLaura AttawayPsychology
Community MembersLowell MurphreePrisoner Representative/Advocate
Leila McClearyBiochemist
Designated AlternatesMark AuslanderAnthropology, for Barlow
Whitney HouserNEHS student, for Attaway
Stephanie SteinPsychology, for Schwartz, Williams


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