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URP Members Planning for Retirement

The University Retirement Plan (URP) is a defined contribution plan, where you contribute a portion of your salary on a pre-tax basis, and the university matches those contributions. You decide how your retirement plan savings will be invested. The educational information below is intended to assist with retirement planning, and is organized by topic and by format.

On Track for Retirement
Estimate the amount of retirement income you'll receive from your current retirement plan under various assumptions, calculate your financial needs in retirement. If there is a shortfall, calculate how much you would need to increase your savings or delay your retirement to reach your target retirement income.

Getting Ready to Go
If you are nearing retirement, learn about options for setting up retirement income and how you may want to adjust your investments during retirement.

Health Insurance During Retirement
You can maintain your current employee medical and dental insurance during retirement on a self-pay basis. Note that the cost during retirement is far more than the cost during employment, when the university pays the majority of the premiums.

Financial News, Resources and Information 
A website for those looking for news, resources, and information about finances. Information provides great resources that can assist you in managing debt, talking with children about money, establishing a budget, and cutting expenses.

NOTE: The University and the Benefits Office staff cannot provide investment advice to employees.

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