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Telework Guidelines

Telework agreements allow employees to work from home or alternate work sites, using phone and computer technology. Central Washington University recognizes telework as a work option that may meet a variety of interests including, but not limited to, enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction, reducing commute trips and addressing space restrictions.

A telework arrangement may be established 1) through mutual agreement between an appointing authority or designee and an employee, or 2) it may be required by the employer due to the nature of the position.

Telework arrangements shall be

  • for a prescribed time
  • revocable at the discretion of the employer
  • subject to prior approval by the dean, vice president, other appointing authority or designee

An employee participating in a voluntary agreement may request that it be revoked prior to the end date by providing notice consistent with the terms of the agreement.

Telework arrangements must be confirmed in writing and signed by the employee and the authorizing supervisor prior to the beginning of the arrangement.

To assist in establishing and documenting a telework arrangement, the following documents are available:

Guidelines and FAQ’s for Developing a Telework Agreement

Telework Forms

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