Human Resources
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Preparing for Your New Employee's Start

Supervisors should review the following requirements and suggestions to ensuring the onboarding process is successful.

Prior to the First Day of Employment

  • Work with your HR Partner to choose a New Employee Ambassador for your department.
  • Contact department administrative assistant or secretary to setup phone service or move a line.
  • Please order:

Wildcat Shop may be reached at (509) 963-1318 or email

  • If applicable, please give the New Employee’s signed Key Card to the New Employee Ambassador that will be assisting the New Employee on his/her first day.
  • Please print the Supervisor's Checklist (PDF) to complete with the employee on his/her first day of employment.

On the First Day of Employment

  • Confirm that the employee has what he/she needs to begin working (desk, computer, apron, etc.)
  • Supervisors can locate a New Employee’s ID via Manager Self Service.
  • If applicable, set up computer/printer configuration
  • To request specific PeopleSoft/network access, submit a Team Dynamix Ticket
  • Add the New Employee’s email address to distribution lists and give him/her appropriate proxy access (for assistance contact Computer Support Services)
  • Please ensure that your new employee receives Time and Attendance training as soon as possible. For questions or to arrange a training session, contact Payroll at (509) 963-2221.