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Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Who can I contact about sexual misconduct?

  • Tell a trusted person about the incident.
  • Contact the CWU Police Services at 509.925.8534 and/or the University’s Title IX Coordinator.
  • You may also contact the University’s Counseling Clinic at 509.963.1391 or e-mail Rhonda McKinney, Director at
  • The campus Sexual Assault Response Coordinator is Marissa Howat at the Wildcat Wellness Center and she can be contacted at 509.963.3233 or
  • Another helpful resource is the Ellensburg Abuse Support and Prevention/24-Hour Crisis Line at 1.866.925.9384.
  • University Housing and/or Campus Police can provide immediate referral information.

Detailed information about reporting sexual misconduct can be found in section 1.E. of the University Sexual Assault Policy. 

Resources for Victims of Sexual Misconduct

There are various supportive measures available for those who believe they have been a victim of sexual misconduct or discrimination. These support sources include:

  • The CWU Title IX Primary Coordinator
  • The CWU Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
  • The CWU Counseling Clinic


When the complainant and the accused student participate in the same class(es) and/or reside in the same university residence or in proximity to one another, complainant may request that a fair and immediate way to reassign and/or move one of the persons be decided upon by University Administration.

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