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Reduce Your Risk of Being Victimized

  1. Trust your instincts. If a situation feels uncomfortable for you, there is probably a good reason.

  2. Clearly communicate what you want or do not want from another person. Follow through on what you say. Ask the person you are with to do the same.

  3. Know what your limits are for both alcohol and sexual behavior(s). 

  4. Be aware of the effects of alcohol, drugs and/or medications on your body. These substances can interrupt the ability to make sound decisions and impair your ability to communicate clearly.

  5. Use the buddy system. Make a pact with your friends to watch out for each other. Make sure that your friends know where you are and who you’re with. 

  6. Do not leave your drink unattended in social settings.

  7. When on a date with someone new, make sure that you are responsible for your own transportation. It is safer to meet up with someone than to rely on an unfamiliar person for a ride.

  8. Remember: Drunken sex jeopardizes your ability to get and give consent. Try to avoid situations in which you may be vulnerable, including ambiguous statements such as, "We can just cuddle."

  9. When dating someone, watch out for controlling behaviors by your companion, such as:

  • making all the decisions;
  • telling you how to dress or with whom to associate;
  • pressuring you to have sex once you have said no
  • forcing or coercing you to consume alcohol or other drugs.


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