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Reduce Risk of Being Accused of Sexual Misconduct

  1. Don't make assumptions about:
  • consent;
  • someone's sexual availability;
  • whether they are attracted to you;
  • how far you can go;
  • whether they are physically and mentally able to consent to you.
  1. Clearly communicate your intentions to your sexual partner and give them a chance to clearly relate their intentions to you.

  2. Mixed messages from your partner should be a clear indication that you should step back, defuse the sexual tension, and communicate better. Perhaps you are misreading them. Perhaps they haven’t figured out how far they want to go with you yet. You need to respect the timeline with which they are comfortable.

  3. Don’t take advantage of someone’s drunkenness or drugged state. Realize that your potential partner could be intimidated by you or fearful. You may have a power advantage simply because of your gender or size. Don’t abuse that power.

  4. Understand that consent to some forms of sexual behavior does not necessarily imply consent to other forms of sexual behavior.

  5. On this campus, silence and passivity cannot be interpreted by you as an indication of consent. Read your potential partner carefully, paying attention to verbal and non‐verbal communication and body language. This is hard to do if you have had more than a drink or two.

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