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Overview of Long Term Disability Insurance

Employer Paid

Basic coverage has a 90-day waiting period and pays a maximum benefit of $240 per month. Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in the basic coverage at no cost.

Employee Paid (Optional)

Receive up to 60% of your monthly salary if you cannot perform your regular job duties due to disability, for longer than the Wait Period you selected. Wait Periods range from 30 - 360 days. Premiums are a percentage of your regular monthly salary and vary with the length of the Waiting Period you select and on your retirement plan eligibility.

Information on additional long term disability insurance which may be purchased is available online: LTD Information.

Requests to enroll after the first 31 days of employment require evidence of insurability and insurance company approval.


Insurance Provider:

Standard Insurance Company, 1-800-368-2860


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