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Instructions for Starting Work at CWU

Welcome to the Central Washington University family! The following agenda needs to be completed (where applicable) on your first day and by the end of your first week on the job.

  • First Day

    checklist button Meet your new employee ambassador

    Your ambassador is a fellow CWU employee who will be your go-to person for your first year at CWU!

    checklist button Attend a new employee welcome session

    Your ambassador typically escorts you to your New Employee Welcome session. Here you learn about all kinds of topics relating to CWU and your new position:

    Complete employment eligibility verification (Form I-9)

    The US Department of Homeland Security requires CWU to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all employees via Form I-9. Verification is a two-step process: Following completion of Section One online prior to your first day of work, you must present original, unexpired documentation in person at the Human Resources Department to complete Section Two.

    Within 3 business days of the start of employment, your Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) must be completed with the Human Resources Department

    More about the Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) process

    checklist button Obtain your campus ID card

    Your ambassador took you to get your campus ID card (called a Connection Card) in Bouillon Hall. Your Connection Card can be used for access to certain buildings, University Library privileges, for access to the Rec Center in the SURC, and to pay for meals at any Dining Services location (assuming you have added money to your card).

    checklist button Obtain your keys

    Your ambassador took you to the Lock Shop in the Jongeward Building to obtain any keys you will need to access the building/office in which you work.

    checklist button Purchase a CWU parking permit

    Your ambassador took you to obtain a parking permit in the Public Safety Building if you plan to park on campus regularly. Staff parking permits allow you to park in both General parking lots and Staff parking lots or Staff designated slots. They can be purchased for the quarter, academic year, or calendar year.

  • First Week
    1. Attend the New Employee - Next Steps class (HRM031)

    You will learn how to:

    • use special features within MyCWU such as the Download to Excel button
    • search for content
    • quickly locate another employee or a link to another system on your Homepage dashboard
    • enter your time/absences, access your pay advice, and sign up for training on your Employee dashboard
    • view/manage/approve your direct reports' time & absences, training, and performance documents on your Manager dashboard and Time & Attendance dashboard
    1. Time & Attendance - Begin reporting hours worked (Civil Service employees as well as Exempt Overtime-eligible employees) and absences (Civil Service and all Exempt employees)

    Civil Service employees as well as Exempt Overtime-eligible employees are required to report hours worked each work day as well as absences. Exempt employees not eligible for overtime are required to report absences only.

    All hours worked and absences during the pay period must be reported in MyCWU by the end of your shift on your last scheduled working day of the pay period.

    This will allow supervisors time to review and approve time worked and absences for timely payroll processing.

    • There are 2 pay periods per month. Pay periods run on the following schedule:
      • 1st to the 15th of the month
      • 16th to the end day of the month

    Payroll Services offers one-on-one training on entering hours worked and absences. Training requests should be directed to the following:

    Payroll Services
    (509) 963-2221

    1. Begin gathering Dependent Verification documents (if needed)

    If you will be enrolling dependents such as a spouse or a child in University benefit plans, you will soon need to provide documentation to verify each dependent’s relationship to you. Some of these documents may take time to obtain, so please review the Washington State Health Care Authority’s Dependent Verification instructions for assistance.

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