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Forms, Conditions & Provisions, and Returning to Work

Visit the 81st Brigade site for armory locations and information about the 81st Brigade.

Employees who are called to active duty in any of the uniformed armed service branches and their reserves, the US Coast Guard, the National Guard receive 21 work days of paid military leave annually, (employees in the uniformed branches of the US Public Health Service receive 15 work days) from October 1 through September 30. In addition employees called to active duty are eligible for up to five years of unpaid military leave without pay with specified return to work rights.

Two forms are available to assist employees in planning for and requesting military leave:

  • Military Leave Checklist (DOC) helps employees plan for a military leave of absence.
  • The Military Leave Request Form facilitates the leave of absence request and allows the employee to specify how paid military leave and, if available, compensatory time, vacation leave, and personal holiday are to be credited in the employee's absence:

The following provides detailed information about military leave and an employee's return to work rights.

Condition or Issue

Military leave eligibility

Provision or Entitlement

Employees are eligible for military leave while on active duty or active training duty. All employees are eligible for military leave immediately upon employment.

Covered service branches

Uniformed armed service branches and their reserves, the US Coast Guard, the National Guard, and the uniformed branches of the US Public Health Service.

Paid military leave

21 or 15 work days (see above for eligibility) per year (October 1 through September 30 - based on federal fiscal year)

Unpaid military leave

Generally for the duration of active duty, up to 5 years.

Salary continuation

There is no salary continuation other than for time in paid military leave or by using, if available, accrued paid leave.

Medical and Dental insurance coverage continuation

State employees continue to receive employer paid medical and dental insurance if in pay status at least 8 hours per month. For military service, paid leave, if available, may be used on a monthly basis to retain employer paid medical and dental insurance benefits as follows

  • Paid military leave - all faculty and staff
  • Vacation leave - civil service and exempt staff and faculty with 12 month appointments

If employees on unpaid military leave do not use paid leave or self pay, employer paid medical and dental insurance is suspended.

Other insurance coverage and retirement benefits

Employees called to active duty service should contact the CWU Benefits Office for information about and assistance with other insurance plans they may have.

Returning to University Employment

General Provisions

Employees return to their regular position and receive any benefits, pay increases or other entitlements that would have accrued to them.

Vacation leave accrual rate

Vacation leave does not accrue during unpaid military leave. Upon return to work, the vacation leave accrual rate is adjusted as though the employee had been continuously in pay status.

Classified staff salary Increments

Upon return to work, the employee's salary is placed at the step in the range that the employee would have reached if not on unpaid military leave.

Classified staff seniority

Time on paid and unpaid military leave is included in seniority calculations.

Return to Work

Military Leave Duration

Notice Required

Less than 31 days

Employee reports to work on the first scheduled work period on the first full calendar day following completion of service plus 8 hours

Between 31 and 181 days

Employee requests reinstatement within 14 calendar days of completion of service

More than 180 days

Employee requests reinstatement no later than 90 days following completion of service

Note: These are general guidelines. If it appears an employee's application is untimely, contact HR for civil service and exempt staff and the Provost's Office for faculty.

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