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How to Get the Most Out of Your Interview

Consider using the following tips for a successful interview:

  1. Prepare applicants for the interview by telling them the process before they arrive.
  2. Start with greetings and introductions of committee members.
  3. Read a summary of the position.
  4. Watch for preconceived notions regarding the ideal person for the job.
  5. Be aware of what biases are operating as you evaluate interviewees and their responses. Suspend those that are not clearly job related. For example, be aware of attitudes you have regarding accents, communication styles, tone and volume of speech and degree of formality.
  6. When interviewing someone who has an accent, be honest. If you have not understood, ask them to repeat in a way that accepts responsibility for not hearing rather than placing the blame on their speech.
  7. Clarify your understanding by re-stating what you have heard. Don't rely on your perceptions of what is being said.
  8. Close with a summary of the process (reference checks, additional interviews, etc.).
  9. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your HR Partner.