Human Resources
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Phone: (509) 963-1202
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Recruiting for Civil Service or Administrative Professional PositionsHiring Icon

You will work closely with the Hiring Team to hire your new employee.

Follow the Recruitment & Hiring Checklist (PDF) to track your hiring process.

Refer to the Recruiting Solutions User Guide (PDF) for instructions on managing applicants.

Procedure Checklist:

Sample Timeline

New Employee Start Date Confirm Start Date Verbal Offer & Start Background Check Interviews Prepare Posting Process through MyCWU HR Classifies Position
July 1 June 20 June 13 May 31 May 9 May 2 April 18

Summary of Sample Timeline for New Hire:

HR classifies position on April 18th, job is processed through MyCWU on May 2nd, on May 9th job is posted, interviews begin May 31st, verbal offer and background check occurs on June 13th, hire start date is confirmed on June 20th, and new employee begins work on July 1st.

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