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Guidance to Ensuring Successful Remote Work

How can I support my employees as they telework?

  • Maintain positivity. As a supervisor, you can promote a culture of positivity by trusting your employees and measuring results achieved while working remotely.
  • Draft a work plan. This can be a list of objectives that are easy to administer, but flexible to change with growing needs.
  • Maintain frequent communication. Supervisors are responsible for maintaining an open and clear line of communication. Supervisors must be a resource and be available for questions.
  • Ensure overtime eligible employees who are teleworking continue to receive their meal and break periods in accordance with WAC 296-126-092. CWU’s standard rest period is 15 minutes.
  • Discuss questions or concerns your employees have regarding teleworking.
  • Review items that were unable to be completed during the telework and reprioritize workload.

Do my responsibilities as a supervisor change when my employees are teleworking?

No, your responsibilities do not change when your employees are teleworking. Expectations are that you are continuing to perform your normal job duties as a supervisor.

Additional Supervisor Tips for Teleworking

Expectations for teleworking often differ from the perspective of the employee and supervisor. The below tips can ensure a smooth and successful transition.

  • Set clear and concise expectations for your employee. Working from home has different challenges than working in the office. Talk to employees about your expectations for their work, for which they are accountable, while they are working away from the office. Clearly articulate procedures regarding hours of availability and check-in times, if appropriate.
  • Recommend your employees map out a workspace. Our homes have distractions that would not otherwise exist in the workplace. Establishing a workplace, even if it is the kitchen table, can help minimize distractions.
  • Work with your employee to set and achieve daily goals. Suggest employees start their day by making a list of daily tasks and track progression. Recommend employees pay attention to the list throughout the day and ensure they are achieving goals. Communicate with employees about the goals they have achieved, what they need assistance with, and if they need additional projects to work.
  • Stay connected and emphasize communication. Ensure employees are available during their working hours to take calls, respond to emails, participate in video conferences and meetings, and/or respond to instant messages.
  • Remember to set up your voicemail to let people know you are teleworking. Include your email if appropriate.

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