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Guidelines to Consider for Flexworking

Flexible Work Hours allow employees to adjust their work schedules to other than the traditional Monday through Friday, 8:00 - 5:00 workday. Central Washington University recognizes this as a work option that may meet a variety of interests including, but not limited to, enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction and increasing department accessibility. Flexible work hours, or "flexwork," may include both flextime and the compressed workweek:


A fixed work schedule with start and/or end times other than 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Compressed Workweek:

A fixed work schedule which allows an employee to eliminate a workday or portion of a workday by working longer hours during the remaining days.

Voluntary arrangements may be established through mutual agreement between a department head and an employee. Voluntary arrangements are for a prescribed time, revocable at the discretion of the employer, and subject to approval by the appointing authority or designee. An employee participating in a voluntary agreement may request an earlier end date. Such requests must provide for notice consistent with the terms of the agreement. Flexible work hour schedules supported by such agreements are a privilege, and are not subject to grievance procedures.

Mandatory (involuntary) arrangements are those which, due to the nature of the job or the business needs of the department, require flexibility in the employee's work hours in order to be available for evening and/or weekend events which occur on a recurring, but not necessarily regularly scheduled, basis. Such conditions will be identified in the hire/appointment letter or subsequent direction from the position's supervisor. According to WAC 357-28-230 and the applicable collective bargaining agreements, the employer may assign or reassign any employee or group of employees to a flex-time schedule.

To assist in establishing and documenting flexible work hours, the following documents and link are available: