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Flexwork and Telework Forms

Flexwork Forms

  • Flexwork Feasibility Worksheet (pdf) (word)
    Are flexible work hours right for you and your department? This worksheet will assist with evaluating the practicality of flexible work hours for a specific position.
  • Flexwork Agreement (pdf) (word)
    This form documents the flexible work hours agreement and established schedule.

    Sample Schedules

Telework Forms

  • Telework Feasibility Worksheet (pdf) (word)
    Evaluate the practicality of a telework arrangement.
  • Telework Agreement (pdf) (word)
    This form documents the telework agreement.
  • Telework Assignment (pdf) (word)
    This form documents and defines the terms of the established telework agreement.
  • Office Checklist (pdf) (word)
    Assess the safety of the telework site.
  • Property Removal Form (pdf) (word)

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