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Human Resources

Equal Opportunity and Compliance Articles/News/Booklist

CWU’s commitment to diversity is demonstrated through programs, affirmative action plans, outreach, and professional development. The university’s commitment is further demonstrated through its Inclusiveness Initiative and policies and procedures that pertain to the university’s commitment to diversity.

This page is to provide faculty, staff, students, and visitors with reading materials referring equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusivity.  The list will be updated regularly to ensure the information is current and applicable to the university's commitment to diversity.  If you have suggestions to add to the list, contact Veronica Gomez-Vilchis at (509) 963-2205,



Making Excellence Inclusive: A Vision for Equity in Student Success and Quality Learning

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Workplace Forecast published every two years by the Society for Human Resource Management. The structure of the
report is based on a survey of human resource professionals on their views of key issues they feel will affect the workplace in the coming years. The report is divided into four broad sections covering demographics and society, economics and employment, public policy and law, and science and technology. The survey also asks HR professionals what actions they and their organizations are taking or are planning to take to address these trends, changes and challenges.

The Value of a Multigenerational Workplace: Phrases such as “These kids don’t have any work ethic,” or “Those old -timers are stubborn and set in their ways” have likely been heard more than once by diversity executives. They’re typically followed by a groan and frustrated eye rolling because the people in question—the managers/co-
workers/supervisors—represent another generation. One that is, presumably, not as evolved...

Workforce Changes in 2012: Present Learning Challenges, Opportunities