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Washington Paid Sick Leave Definition and FAQs

WAC 49.46 (started last year as Initiative 1433, January 1, 2018)

WA State Paid Sick Leave Balance in MyCWU

Washington State’s Paid Sick Leave Law (Initiative 1433) went into effect 1/1/18. Information has been made available over the past year to ensure employees understand the law.

sick leave portion in MyCWUBeginning 1/3/19, some employees will notice additional information regarding paid sick leave on their Employee Dashboard. The university has been tracking this information, behind the scenes, since the law went into effect. In an effort to provide further transparency, this information is now being made available for you in MyCWU.

Because CWU provides more paid time off than required to most staff, the university has chosen to designate the required portion of your paid time off for use under the Washington State Sick Leave Law.

As stated, Washington State paid sick leave is a portion of your regular accrual, not an addition.

Washington State Paid Sick Leave is administered by Washington State Labor and Industries. Information about the Washington State Sick Leave Law is available at their Washington State Labor & Industries website.

You may also contact your HR Partner (963-1202,, or Payroll (963-2111, for information.


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