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Department of Retirement System (DRS) Plans

Classified staff members are required to participate in one of the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) Plans. The plan you participate in depends on the job you have, your prior DRS Plan membership and in certain cases, on the choice you make.

Classified Staff participate in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)

PERS 1 HandbookPERS 2 HandbookPERS 3 Handbook

If you first established PERS membership before 10/1/77, you will be a member of PERS 1; between 10/1/77 and 3/1/02, you will be a member of PERS 2, unless you elect to transfer to PERS 3; on or after March 1, 2002, you have 90 days from your hire date to choose between PERS Plan 2 and Plan 3. You will be enrolled in PERS 2 until you make a choice and will be defaulted into PERS 3 at the end of 90 days if you do not choose.

Police officers participate in the Law Enforcement Officers' & Fire Fighters' Retirement System 


Those who first established membership as a certificated teacher in the public schools may be eligible for the Teachers Retirement System (TRS).

TRS 1 HandbookTRS 2 HandbookTRS 3 Handbook

A part-time or adjunct faculty member who has previous TRS 1 members may be required by the state to enroll in TRS, even if their current position at CWU is not considered benefits eligible. If you are a part-time faculty member with previous TRS1 membership, contact the Benefits Office immediately upon employment.

The Department of Retirement Systems newsletter: "Retirement Outlook" is available online:

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