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Human Resources

CWU Retirement Plan (CWURP)

Visit to view your account, learn more, enroll online, or schedule a consultation with a Fidelity Representative. Or call 1-800-343-0860.

Faculty and administrative/exempt staff must decide between participation in the Central Washington University Retirement Plan (CWURP) and the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems Teachers Retirement Plan 3 (TRS 3) for faculty or Public Employees' Retirement System Plan 3 (PERS 3) for administrative exempt staff.

The CWURP is a tax-deferred defined contribution plan with mandatory contributions based on age, immediate vesting, 100% matching contribution by the university, and is 100% portable if you leave CWU. Participation begins on the first day of employment in an eligible appointment. The CWURP operates under federal tax law and the CWURP Plan Document.

Employee Contributions

Mandatory employee contributions are tax-deferred and matched 100% by CWU. The contribution rate is based on age.

  • 5% of gross salary - under age 35
  • 7.5% of gross salary - age 35 - 49
  • 10% of gross salary - age 50 and above

Available Investments

Investment Options for CWURP

Changing positions at CWU?

If you move from a CWURP eligible to a PERS eligible position or vice versa, contact Human Resources to determine your retirement plan options.

Retirement/Separation from Service

You may retire on the first day of any month after attaining age 62. Alternatively you can receive retiree benefits, such as retirement income and self-paid retiree medical insurance, if you meet the age and service criteria for retirement.

You may elect to receive accumulations subject to the rules of the fund sponsor any time after retirement or separation from CWURP employment.

Voluntary Investment Plan (VIP)

Employees may contribute additional tax-deferred amounts to a supplemental retirement account (not matched by CWU). See Voluntary Investment Plan.

The University provides educational information and tools to help you make choices that suit your individual goals. The University cannot provide investment advice to employees. If there are any discrepancies between this website and the provisions of the CWURP, the Plan Document will prevail.

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