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Training and Development Opportunities For Temp/Hourlies:

Because temporary/hourly employees are part of the CWU community, they are expected to understand CWU policies on preventing sexual harassment and university safety.

Please refer to the appropriate section below based on whether you have been hired for 2 weeks or less or more than 2 weeks.

Temp/Hourly Employees Working 2 Weeks or Less

Temp/Hourly Employees Working More Than 2 Weeks

  • Onboarding Course for Temp/Hourly Employees

    If you are a temp/hourly employee working more than 2 weeks, please take the following course:

    Onboarding for Temporary/Hourly Employees

    Course Description:

    The Onboarding for Temporary/Hourly Employees course will prepare you for your new role by covering the following:

    • The Wildcat Way
    • important policies such as Sexual Harassment, Equal Opportunity, and Alcohol and Other Drugs
    • university safety
    • resources and opportunities that are available to temporary employees
    • ethics
    • benefits eligibility
    • where to go for help…and more

    ** This course will take you approximately 45-60 minutes to complete and replaces the need to read the Equal Opportunity Guidelines and University Safety Overview listed above.

In addition, temporary employees are welcome to attend the in-person Emergency Preparedness workshop. To learn more and enroll, visit the Required Training for Staff page.

For information on hiring, visit the Hiring Temporary/Hourly Employees page.

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