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Yearlong Exploration in the Social Sciences - YESS

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Social Sciences LLC Location - Sparks Hall

General Description:

The purpose of the Social Sciences Living Learning Community is to provide students, who are participating in the Yearlong Exploration in the Social Sciences (YESS) program, with a positive living-learning environment. The Social Sciences LLC will serve as a tool for retention for YESS students, as research strongly indicates that students who reside together, work together, and socialize together have a higher retention rate than those who do not. YESS is for students who are interested in the social science (sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science, geography, and law and justice) disciplines; our goal is to provide students who are in YESS with a science-based social environment and encourage activities related to the social sciences and engage with the STEP LLC, as they are both first-year programs in COTS. The YESS LLC is the “social support” portion of the YESS program, in addition to academic support and financial support.

Social Sciences (YESS) Academic Program Requirements:

First Year students are required to apply and be admitted into the YESS program prior to participation in the Social Sciences LLC. First year students are required to participate in the YESS First Year Science Seminar series of courses (YESS 101 in Fall, YESS 102 in Winter, YESS 103 in Spring). Please visit for more information about YESS.

Social Sciences Mission Statement:

The YESS LLC seeks to involve all students who have an appreciation for and an interest in social science related disciplines. Those students who desire to major in science-related fields will become familiar with possible careers, meet STEM professionals who can augment career networking, and become part of a strong STEM learning community.

Social Sciences Vision Statement:

We envision students participating in the YESS LLC and engaging in enriching science-related social and co-curricular activities with other YESS and STEP students, social science faculty members, and with social science professionals.

Social Sciences Goals:

The goals of the YESS LLC include the following:

  1. Students build a community with other YESS students in the YESS LLC and in the YESS classroom
  2. YESS students connect their experiences in the classroom with their living experiences in the YESS LLC
  3. Students engage with YESS/social science faculty and other YESS and STEP students in order to provide a social support network to help increase retention in CWU social science disciplines and to build relationships with potential mentors and
  4. Students gain increased awareness of social science related careers available in the state of Washington and Pacific Northwest region.

Social Sciences Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will build a community through their interactions with their peers in the hall and in the classroom.
  2. Students will be able to connect their classroom experience with their living experience.
  3. Students will engage with faculty on a regular basis--when appropriate and when they are available--in order to become comfortable working with them and to build relationships with potential mentors.

LLC Faculty/Staff Contact Information:

Toni Snowden, YESS Program Coordinator - COTS Social Sciences
Phone: 509-963-3002

Applying to the YESS LLC:

Students who are interested in joining the Yearlong Exploration in the Social Sciences LLC first must be accepted into the YESS program within the College of the Sciences. 

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