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Student Living

Dr. Jenna Hyatt
Interim Dean of Student Living
(509) 963-2735
Venetta Miller's Picture
Venetta Miller
Financial Specialist
(509) 963-2735

Missy Davis
Secretary Supervisor | Student Living
(509) 963-2736
Bouillon 205

Housing Staff

Tricia Rabel's Picture
Tricia Rabel
Director of Housing Operations and Marketing
(509) 963-1831
Steve Johnson's Picture
Steve Johnson
Director of Housing Facilities
(509) 963-1706
Becky Huss's Picture
Becky Huss
Program Coordinator
(509) 963-1832
Barbara Hinchliff's Picture
Barbara Hinchliff
Office Support Supervisor
(509) 963-1831
Marly Crowe
Office Assistant 3           UHNSP
(509) 963-1831
Erin Bacon's Picture
Erin Bacon
Upholstery Fabricator
(509) 963-1661
Joe Bach's Picture
Joe Bach
Maintenance Mechanic
(509) 963-2692
Allen Doolin's Picture
Allen Doolin
Maintenance Mechanic
(509) 963-2692
Eric Whittaker's Picture
Eric Whittaker
(509) 963-2692

ResLife & New Student Programs

Jenna Hyatt's Picture
Dr. Jenna Hyatt
Interim Associate Dean of Student Living
(509) 963-1320
John Mounsey's Picture
John Mounsey
Assistant Director for the First Year Experience
(509) 963-1713
Eric Scott's Picture
Eric Scott
Assistant Director for Sophomore Year Experience
(509) 963-1074
Ian Miller's Picture
Ian Miller
Assistant Director of Residence Life
(509) 963-1704
Elise May's Picture
Elise May
Apartment Complex Coordinator
Office: Button Hall
(509) 963-2327
John Magnusson's Picture
John Magnusson
Residence Hall Coordinator
Office: Wendell Hill Hall A

Fiona Corner
Residence Hall Coordinator
Office: Barto Hall
(509) 963-7147

Ashley Harden
Residence Hall Coordinator
Office: Hitchcock Hall
(509) 963-7682

Frank McMillan
Residence Hall Coordinator
Office: Kamola Hall
(509) 963-7917

Austin Wetherbee
Residence Hall Coordinator
Office: Alford Montgomery Hall
(509) 963-7947
Margarita Manzo-Casio
Residence Hall Coordinator
Office: Quigley Hall
(509) 963-7324

Luke Poole
Residence Hall Coordinator
Office: Stephens Whitney Hall
(509) 963-8812

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Joseph Bryant's Picture
Joseph Bryant
Executive Director of Student Rights, Responsibilities, & Health Promotion
Student Consultation Team, Chair
Office: Bouillon 205
(509) 963-1515

Nathan Meints
Assistant Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities
(509) 963-1515
Jennifer Rentz-Hammond
Coordinator of Student Rights & Responsibilities
(509) 963-1515

Gretchen Geltemeyer
Case Manager
(509) 963-1515

Tiffany Smith
Case Manager
(509) 963-2976
Joy Stochosky
Case Manager
(509) 963-1737


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