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Student Village

Student Village is the home to approximately 300 upper class students. With a convenient on-campus location, friendly staff, multiple basketball courts, patio benches with grilling areas, two laundry facilities, ample spaces for tenant parking, and a large multipurpose room (furnished with two pool tables, bathrooms, and a television). Our apartment living selections feature small studios, large studios, and one, two, or three bedroom apartments. "StudVille is a great place to live!"

Floor plans of Student Village Apartments:
Typical Studio Apartment
Typical One Bedroom Apartment
Typical Two Bedroom Apartment
Typical Three Bedroom Apartment

Approximate Sizes:
•Studio — 375 sq. ft.
•One bedroom — 450 sq. ft.
•Two bedrooms — 525 sq. ft.
•Three bedrooms — 710 sq. ft.

Student Village apartments, located at the north side of Central’s campus, offer true apartment living in a relaxed community atmosphere. This apartment complex has proven to be a popular place for students to live on campus. It offers easy access to Nicholson Pavilion, the tennis courts, and soccer fields, football and baseball fields. The views of Stuart Mountain Range, Kittitas Valley and the campus are spectacular. The studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments are carpeted and partially furnished. All utilities are provided by the university.

MPR Usage:

Currently the MPR can be reserved prior to date of use by any University affiliation. Simply inform the manager (look under "How to Contact Your Staff" located below) of the time and date of an event and if the MPR has not yet been reserved, they will book it for you after the necessary paperwork has been filled out. Please clean up after yourselves and be sure to inform the manager should anything break.

Student Village Staff:
Apartment Managers: Abby Patterson (D19)
Office: In front of the C Block/Stack
Phone: (509) 963-2348
Apartment Managers: Ramiro Alejandres (E2)
Office: In front of the C Block/Stack
Phone: (509) 963-2348


Student Village Mailing Address:

[Insert Student Name]
1501 N. Alder
Apt. #
Ellensburg, WA 98926

*If you have recently moved to Student Village and have yet to fill out a change of address form, please stop by during office hour to receive one and fill it out. Office hour information is located below under "Office Information."

Emergency Meeting Locations:
Inside: Multipurpose Room
Outside: Parking lot behind north village cafe

Office Information:

Location: Student Village Office located North Side of MPR (In the center of Student Village)  
Notice: Due to holidays, special circumstances, or emergencies, office hours may be changed or canceled, or changed in location either to MPR or apartments C8 or D19. Please refer to the notice on office door for further information. 
*If for any reason apartment manager is not in office hour during office time and there is no notice rescheduling office hour or stating if office hour location has been changed, please refer above on "How to Contact Your Staff" to contact apartment manager quickly and effectively. 

Emergency Contact:

For Emergencies Only  911                                                      
Non Emergency Dispatch (Police/Fire/Ambulance) (509) 925-8534
CWU Police (8-5, M-F) (509) 963-2959
Courtesy Assistance Team (509) 963-2950
Crisis Help Line (509) 962-4168
A.S.P.E.N. (24-hour crisis counseling or referral): (509) 925-9384
Kittitas Valley Community Hospital   (509) 962-9841
Poison Control     800-222-1222
Health Center   (509) 963-1881

  • If you are locked are locked out of your apartment, please do the following:
  • Contact roommates or family members first.
  • If they are unable to let you in, contact your apartment manager (509) 963-8663.
  • If they are unable to assist you, contact Housing and Residence Life at (509) 963-1831 during business hours (8:00AM-5:00PM).
    • If it is after hours or on the weekends, call the on-call manager at (509) 201-6112.
    • If you lost your keys, contact your manager to have your locks re-keyed.

One parking pass will be issued to each adult tenant only. Parking for Student Village tenant are available on the southwest of Alder St. The parking lots include S20, T22, U22, and V22, but availability is not guaranteed.
Please instruct your guests to park in the free parking lot, X22, located on the east side of the soccer fields. Or guests could park on either the left or ride side of Alder St.
Facilities are located in two locations: the first is in the center of Student Village on the right side of the Multipurpose Room and the second is below H and I units. Both washers and dryers are run by quarters. It is $1 each for a standard wash and standard dry. There is a change machine for each facility, but it only takes $1 bills. 
Contact Facilities Management at (509) 963-3000 for any and all maintenance concerns. If they do not respond within a couple of days, contact them again.
Apartment Reference Guide:
Please read through your apartment contract and apartment reference guide to become familiar with policies and procedures. There is important information in those documents that you need to know.
Quiet hours:
The City of Ellensburg has a noise ordinance enforced by Public Safety and Police Services addressing noise complaints any time between the hours of 10PM and 7AM, and courtesy hours at all other times. Tenants and their guests in violation of the city noise ordinance may be cited by police and/or face university disciplinary action. Please respect your neighbors and keep noise down to an acceptable level at all times.

Responsible Freedom:
It is the responsibility of all tenants to help maintain a supportive community and positive living environment. Each tenant is responsible for his or her own conduct and the conduct of guests.
Alcohol & Other Drugs:
Central Washington University’s policy on alcohol follows all local, state, and federals laws. A minor in possession or consumption of alcohol is an illegal act and will be handled by the proper authorities. The university’s policy regarding the possession and consumption of alcohol and other drugs on campus was developed in keeping with Washington State law and the governor’s policy on alcoholism and drug dependency.
Each quarter, your apartment staff organizes social and educational programs for all tenants to enjoy. Look for flyers on your door and articles in the monthly newsletter advertising upcoming programs! Or, look under "Student Village News" (located above) and look under "Upcoming and Reoccurring Programs."
Public Areas:
Please do not leave trash, empty bottles, or trash on public areas. This is a safety hazard and may also attract pests and other undesirable things.
No pets are allowed.

Housing and Residence Life:
If you have any housing related issues please contact Housing and Residence Life.
Office:  Button Hall
Office Phone: (509) 963- 1831
Office Hours: 8:00AM-5:00PM, Monday- Friday

On-Call Manager
If you need assistance-such as if you're locked out, or if you have any questions or concerns after the Housing and Residence Life Office has closed (from 5PM - 8AM Monday-Friday) and 24/7 on weekends please call the on-call manager at (509) 201-6112. 

On-Campus Information Directory:
If you need to contact a certain professor, staff, or department, but do not know the phone number call the on-campus information directory to obtain contact information.
Phone: (509) 963-1111
Contact information for additional CWU resources can be found starting on page six of you Apartment Reference Guide.


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