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ROTC LLC Location - Kamola Hall

General Description of the LLC:

The ROTC Living-Learning Community (LLC) provides students the opportunity to live in a community with other students who are interested in military service. While living in the ROTC LLC, students will be exposed to traditions, customs, and current members of the CWU ROTC programs (Air Force, Army). Residents of this community will have access to focused programming and guest speakers.

ROTC Mission Statement:

The ROTC Living-Learning Community (LLC) provides CWU students, interested in military service, the opportunity to become acquainted with others involved in CWU’s ROTC programs. The LLC will facilitate contact with ROTC student leaders, ROTC faculty and staff, and military professionals. Formal and informal professional development opportunities will help students learn about military service opportunities. The LLC will provide a basis for a supportive student network that will benefit students while at CWU and after graduation.

ROTC Vision Statement:

The ROTC Living-Learning Community provides students with access to the resources, skill-building and contacts they need to successfully pursue a commission through ROTC from the first day they arrive on campus. The professional development, knowledge and network they develop as a result of participation in the ROTC LLC will provide the foundation for personal and professional success while at CWU and beyond.


  1. To provide students with a community of individuals that are motivated to serve as military officers.
  2. To provide resources and study groups that will support students’ performance in ROTC courses and training programs.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will build a community to support them during military training.
  • Students will participate in professional development opportunities that will prepare them for military careers.
  • Students will be involved in clubs and activities that will enhance their desire for military service.

LLC Faculty/Staff Contact information:

Andrew Van Den Hoek, Recruitment Officer - Military Science
Phone: 509-963-3520
Captain Wesley W. Griffith, Recruiting Officer-USAF
Phone: 509-963-2314

ROTC Students

Applying to the ROTC LLC:

Students who are interested in joining the ROTC LLC have a choice between the Army or Air Force ROTC programs. Students first must be accepted into either the Army or Air Force program within the College of Education and Professional Studies.

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