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Move In Information

Welcome home!

Residence Hall Move-in is right around the corner!

First-year Move-In: September 20, 2019. 

Transfer and Upper-class student Move-In September 22, 2019. 

Below are some helpful hints as you prepare to arrive on campus to begin Fall 2019:


Before you arrive:

Pack light! Use our What to Bring list to help you pack. Students often find they do not use most of the items they originally packed or would prefer to pick up essentials later in the year from home. Remember to leave behind alcohol, illegal drugs, drug and alcohol paraphernalia, weapons, pets (except fish), hot plates, microwaves, incense and candles, extension cords, halogen lamps, valuables, and large amounts of cash. As a federally funded institution, CWU abides by federal law, which classifies marijuana as an illegal substance. Marijuana may not be possessed on any CWU-owned or -controlled property.

Only one car per student is allowed to the residence hall. We welcome additional family and friends, however with space so limited, they need to park in the parking lots away from the residence halls. Be sure to bring your vehicle pass included in your move in packet.

Please label all boxes with name, residence hall, and room number to assist Movers and Shakers in delivering your personal belongings to your room.

Please leave pets at home. All members of the family like to send off students at move-in, but with all of the foot traffic and activity, move-in day can be a dangerous place for dogs and other pets, the weather can also be prohibitively hot for leaving an animal in the car while moving in. Other than fish and documented/approved service/support animals, animals are not allowed in the residence halls.


Arriving on Campus:

  • Each residence hall has a scheduled move in time (see below). Arriving outside of your scheduled time could delay your move in as traffic will not be routed towards your hall.
  • Traffic is routed one-way through campus. Be sure to check the directions and map to your residence hall to ensure you can unload as close as possible.
  • Please unload your personal belongings and remove your vehicle within 15 minutes of arriving at the residence hall. If you are planning to go to other places on campus, please move your car to a parking area away from the halls to allow others the same courtesy to move in.
  • RVs are not permitted to drive up to the residence halls as there is not enough space to accommodate vehicles of this size.
  • Students are allowed to drive up to the residence hall once. If you leave and go shopping, you will need to carry your things from the parking lot.
  • Please do not drive on the grass unless it is designated to do so. Parking on the lawn is permitted ONLY on Move-In day.
  • Movers and Shakers for first year student move-in will be available to assist in the move in process only during the designated arrival time on Friday, September 20, 2019. 
First Year Move-In Times Button Returners/Transfers Move-In Times Button


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