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International House

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International House LLC Location - Kennedy Hall

General Description of the LLC:

International House is open to all CWU students of any major, who would like to experience and learn about other cultures.

International Mission Statement:

To encourage learning about different cultures by living together and having open communication about cultural differences.

International Vision Statement:

To contribute to the internationalization of the CWU community in conjunction with the Office of International Studies, World Languages and other global initiatives. We seek to broaden students’ understanding of the world and prepare them for the global workforce.

Learning Outcomes/Goals:

The learning outcomes of the I-House include realizing that the world is larger than the “world” we live in, that our way of doing something isn’t the only way of doing it, understanding the importance of global knowledge in the working world, allowing what we learn to shape our character and potentially adopt new interests, and become more comfortable with sharing our culture and/or learning what pre-existing opinions may exist about our country or culture.

  • Demonstrate openess to students from other cultures by engaging in new cultural experiences.
  • Engage with students from around the world and the US.

LLC Faculty/Staff Contact information:

Krissy Goecks, Program Coordinator-Office of International Studies & Programs
Phone: 509-963-1375

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Applying to the International House LLC:

Students who are interested in joining the International House LLC first must receive permission from the Office of International Programs.

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