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Black Hall

Education LLC Location - Kamola Hall 

Education Mission Statement:

The Education LLC provides residence hall students an opportunity to interact with faculty. This will enhance student interest and exploration in the field of education. Students and faculty will engage formally and informally on three levels:

Freshman Year—Exploration.  Faculty and residence hall staff will create avenues to explore possibilities for students who are considering a career in education.

Sophomore Year—Affirmation.  Students will participate in programs that prepare them to declare a major, serve as a resource for first-year program planning through mentoring opportunities, and engage in activities that affirm their interest in working with children.

Junior and Senior Years—Confirmation.  Students will participate in service learning projects, be involved in leadership opportunities and mentor freshman and sophomore students.

Education Vision Statement:

To create a sense of belonging within the living learning community through mentee/mentoring opportunities, facilitate growth with meaningful programmnig, engage with faculty, encourage enthusiasm for education, and offer holistic support for all Kamola and Sue Lombard Education LLC students.


  1. Build community, based on a sense of belonging, involving mentee/mentoring activities.
  2. Experiential learning through program participation.
  3. Networking opportunities with faculty.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build a community through interaction with peers in the hall.
  • Connect classroom experiences with their living experiences.
  • Engage with faculty on a regular basis, in order to become comfortable working with them and to build potential mentoring relationships.

LLC Faculty/Staff Contact information:

Tracy Wise, Academic Advisor
Phone: 509-963-1476

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Applying to the Education LLC:

Students who are interested in joining the Education LLC may self-select into the Education LLC offered by the School of Education within the College of Education and Professional Studies.

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