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Breaks and Closing Information

Spring Quarter Closing / Move-Out 2023

All residence halls close for the summer on June 10, 2023 at noon, and Anderson Apartment residents need to move out by June 17, 2023 at noon. Residents are asked to vacate their residence hall room 24-hours after their last final, or by the closing date at the latest. The closing process for this year is as follows:

  1. Sign up for a checkout time in the MyHousing portal at least 24-hours prior to your desired checkout time
  2. Pack all of your belongings
  3. Clean your room and take out trash
  4. Meet with an RA for your scheduled checkout appointment and turn in keys
  5. Sign the checklist taped to your door as you leave

If you need to reschedule your checkout time, please log back into the MyHousing portal and simply select a new time (again, at least 24-hours in advance). Should you have an emergency and need a different checkout time with less than 24-hours notice, please contact your RA or RHC. Residents who leave for summer and do not have a checkout appointment will be charged an improper checkout fee.

Please make sure your room is clean and in good order prior to your checkout appointment! A checklist has been taped to your door with specific cleaning steps; however, a brief list includes:

  • Take out all trash and recycling
  • Return all furniture to its original setup
  • Wipe down all surfaces including desk tops, dresser tops, inside drawers, and counter tops
  • Ensure that all food and perishable items are packed or removed from your room and microfridge
  • Unplug the microfridge, defrost the freezer, wipe all surfaces dry, and leave the microfridge unplugged with the doors open
  • Close curtains and blinds

If you need housing for the summer, please visit our Summer Housing page for more information on how to sign up for summer housing and available options.

If you have any questions, please talk to your RA, RHC, or call the Housing Services office at 509-963-1831. Have a safe and fun summer!

Summer Quarter Housing 2023

If you are taking classes, working on campus, or will be here over the summer and would like to live on campus, summer housing is available for CWU students. We offer 6-week, 9-week, and entire summer options (must stay a minimum of a 6-week session). Availability is on a first come first serve situation with priority given to those who are taking classes over the summer. On-campus summer housing is great for a stress-free transition without the hassle of paying month-to-month on a summer lease. Students typically move to their summer room on the Saturday of spring closing and then to their permanent fall assignment one week before new students move-in. 2023 Summer housing contracts are now available in the MyHousing portal. For more information and rates, please visit our Summer Housing webpage.

Thanksgiving Break 2023

The residence halls stay OPEN during Thanksgiving Break, and students are welcome to stay.

Winter Break 2023

Winter break starts Saturday, December 9, 2023 at noon. Sign-up for Winter Break Housing will be available during the Fall 2023 quarter through the MyHousing portal.

All students must be out of the residence halls 24-hours after their last final or by noon on Saturday, December 9, 2023. Students may return to the residence halls on Sunday, December 31, 2023 at noon.

  • Winter Break Closing Checklist

    A checklist will be placed on all resident doors that outlines specific items that must be done before leaving for Winter Break. Please refer to the checklist on your door for items that may be specific to your hall. In general, all students must ensure the following is done before leaving for break:

    • Remove all obstructions on/around the heater
    • Open any doors under the sink
    • Close all blinds and drapes and lock all windows
    • Set thermostat to approximately 66 degrees
    • Remove all perishable items from room
    • Remove all trash to proper receptacles
    • Unplug electrical appliances, expect refrigerators
    • Bring any bicycles inside or take them home
    • Turn off all lights
    • Lock your door
    • If leaving your car, please move it to Lot N20 (between Barto and Music building)

    NOTE: Be advised that Housing and Residence Life, Custodial and Facilities staff will be making rounds within the residential rooms. This procedure is to ensure maximum safety and security during break. No one is looking for policy violations; however, items in plain sight that are considered violations will be documented according to the university conduct process.

  • Winter Break Housing

    Winter break housing is not a part of the regular housing contract, but is available to current residents, if needed. You must fill out the Winter Break Request application for approval through MyHousing under applications. The Winter Break Housing Application will open in November 2023. Winter Housing will be open from Saturday, December 9th through Sunday, December 31st. The cost for winter break housing will be posted when the application opens.

  • Information for Students Not Returning for Winter Quarter

    If you are not returning to your residence hall room next quarter (not enrolled in classes, withdrawing, etc.), you MUST go to your MyHousing portal and under messages select: Let us know you are not returning for Winter Quarter 2024. This will take you to the contract cancellation form. Fill it out, and enter your name at the bottom.

    You will then complete the express check-out envelope that will either be taped to your door or you can request one from your RA. Failure to check out of your assigned room properly and by Saturday, December 9, will result in additional charges. If you need to withdraw from CWU during break, you can go to your MyHousing portal or contact Housing Services at 509-963-1831 to notify them and to schedule a check out over break.

Spring Break 2024

The residence halls are OPEN over Spring Break, and students are welcome to stay. Spring Break is March 18-22, 2024.