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Central Washington University Organization Donates 1000 Pairs of Socks to Local Clothing Closet

The National Residence Hall Honorary Tom Ogg Chapter of Central Washington University collected 1000 pairs of socks in a Socktober donation drive. Donations for Socktober started October 14, 2019 with 136 pairs of socks donated within the first week, 186 pairs of socks within its second week, and 678 pairs of socks donated in the final week.

Socktober started off a service project pitched by the Executive Vice President of the Chapter, Alexis Daggett. Often, clothing donation centers receive an influx of jackets, coats, and pants to provide community members with gear to prepare for the winter season, but do not see a lot of sock donations. The CWU NRHH chapter decided to start the sock donation drive or, “Socktober” to ensure members of the community had access to warm pairs of socks for the upcoming winter season. Ronnie Burris, the Coordinating Officer of Service for the chapter worked with the chapter’s advisor Fiona Corner, the Assistant Director for Leadership and Development in Residence Life, to develop marketing and create donation drop off boxes.

The CWU NRHH chapter partnered with the Residence Hall Association and the Residence Life Office staff throughout Socktober to collect sock donations. The CWU NRHH chapter, in partnership with RHA, developed a competition to encourage the different residence halls on campus to donate socks. The Residence Life office staff worked with NRHH to decorate collection boxes for the drive that were placed inside of the NRHH/RHA Office and Residence Life Office

All sock donations for Socktober went to the Ellensburg Community Clothing Center connected to the Ellensburg United Methodist Church. Members from NRHH and RHA went to the clothing center to donate the socks and help organize the socks. 

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