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Aviation LLC Location - Wendell Hill Hall B

General Description of the LLC:

Students involved with this program must be accepted into the Aviation program. Students take a series of classes together including University 101. Some examples of the programs students have been involved with include visiting the Museum of Flight, FAA review study sessions, and community service projects with children at the local airport.

Aviation Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Aviation Living Learning Community is to help develop and enhance a sense of fraternity and support for those students involved in the major.  Quiet study settings, mentoring between upperclassmen, and tutoring amongst residents are all aspects of this academically based living learning environment.  Students will also be able to further their career ambitions by connecting with industry partners.  In addition, students will develop close connections with faculty, flight instructors, and peers through experiential learning and social events.

Aviation Vision Statement:

The LLC will assist in the preparation of safety conscious professionals in the aviation industry.


  1. Provide an environment conducive to learning
  2. Provide opportunities for life-long mentoring
  3. Enhance student/instructor interface
  4. Provide opportunities for studying for FAA exams and checkrides
  5. Provide opportunities for extracurricular aviation activities


Learning Outcomes:
First Year Students:

  • Develop good study habits and time management skills necessary for a career in aviation.
  • Explore opportunities for interacting and mentoring with upper-class students in aviation program.
  • Explore career opportunities in the aviation industry.

Upper-class Students:

  • Develop skills to mentor first year students.
  • In the mentoring process, increase the student’s own knowledge in aviation-related subjects.
  • Continue to explore career opportunities in aviation.

LLC Faculty/Staff Contact information:

Primary contact:
Main Aviation Office
(509) 963-2364

Secondary contact:
Amy Hoover, Professor

Applying to the Aviation LLC:

Students who are interested in joining the Aviation LLC first must be accepted into the Aviation program within the College of Education and Professional Studies. 



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