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Apartment Application Process


Students requesting to live in an on-campus apartment must complete the apartment application on their MyHousing page and submit a $200 apartment/housing deposit to student accounts or online at MyCWU. Failure to pay the $200 deposit within two weeks will cancel your apartment application and place on the waitlist.

Placement of applicants into apartments is based on the following criteria: application date, move-in date, and apartment size, type and location.

  • The application completion date is the date your $100 deposit is made.
  • The move-in date is the date the student wishes to take occupancy of the apartment.
  • The third variable is the apartment size, type and location. (ex: Student Village, 2 bedroom)
  • Frequently there are more requests than apartments available. Students may add themselves to the "wait list" and are assigned in order of application date and move-in date.


When a student inquires as to his/her placement on the wait list, keep in mind that we will be sorting the list according to the criteria above. The more information we receive from a student on the apartment application and the more flexible the student is with move-in dates, apartment type and locations, the better chance a student has to get an apartment.

When an apartment becomes available, University Housing will call you at the number you provided on your apartment application.

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