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2017-2018 NRHH Executive Board

President: Kane Lemasters

Kane Lemasters is a senior at CWU studying Environmental Science with intentions to pursue a career in Higher Education after graduation. He will be serving NRHH as well as serving in the position of Residence Hall Manager to Alford-Montgomery and Kennedy Halls for the upcoming academic year. Kane has been an involved student leader within RHA and NRHH since his first year, and is excited to represent the chapter in the coming year on the regional and national level. This year, Kane is hopeful for success as a whole chapter and as a community within all of CWU and Ellensburg. Kane is looking forward to helping in the assistance of student leaders and is humbled to have the opportunity to serve in this position.

Executive Vice-President: Jacob Durrance

Jacob Durrance is a senior pursuing degrees in Political Science and Philosophy. With University Housing and New Student Programs, Jacob will be beginning his second year as a Residence Hall Manager within South Campus as well as his third as an NRHH executive board member. Since coming to CWU in 2014, RHA and NRHH have been an integral part of his undergraduate experience at CWU culminating with his continued service to the Tom Ogg Chapter. This year, Jacob is also excited to become more involved with NACURH as the PACURH region's Associate Director of NRHH.

Coordinating Officer of Recognition: Demetria Martinez

Coordinating Officer of Service: Katie DeVore

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