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Hospitality & Wine Studies

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HTE Program
Carla Jellum, Ph.D.

Wine Studies Program
Kristine Miller, MBA


HTE & WINE Minors

Our programs offer several minors. Earning a minor is a great to way gain valuable knowledge to support your major. HTE and Wine program minors offer insight into fun, creative and dynmamic industries. 



Hospitality Management Minor

Students who complete the hospitality management minor will gain important skills, which will complement their major program of study in preparing them to serve within the growing hospitality industry, including knowledge within hotel and restaurant management.

Hospitality Minor Curriculum

Event Management Minor

This minor will give the student a solid understanding of special event programming and management. It will also provide experiential learning opportunities through event production. Students in various majors including global wine studies, business, the arts, communication and others may find this minor a beneficial supplement.

Event Minor Curriculum

Sustainable Tourism Minor (Online Option)

The sustainable tourism minor prepares students for careers related to the impacts and opportunities associated with the economic, cultural, and environmental dimensions of tourism. This minor is multi-disciplinary with tourism (HTE) and environmental science (ENST) courses.

Sustainable Tourism Minor Curriculum

Tourism Management

Tourism management prepares students for travel-focused jobs. This minor complements numerous major programs and expands career opportunities. This minor supports careers in hotels, guest services, wine industry, events, tour operations and others.

Tourism Minor Curriculum

Wine Trade and Tourism Minor

This cross-disciplinary program prepares students for employment in many areas of the wine industry, including tourism, hospitality services, direct to consumer sales, marketing, tasting room and event management.

Wine Trade and Tourism Minor Curriculum

Wine Industry Management Minor

The Wine Industry Management minor prepares students for employment in many facets of the wine industry, including wine sales, marketing, branding, legal compliance, distribution, and tasting room management.

Wine Industry Minor Curriculum


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